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    99 gsx ltd with 41 hrs, trouble/ problem history and improvements

    Just bought a 99 sea doo gsx limited with only 41 hrs on the clock. Been in storage for 8 years and it is in mint condition. it. Has the 130 hp engine. I was wondering what kind of problems surfaced over the years for this model and things to look out for or improve on. This ski is like new and I would like to keep it in the best shape I can. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

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    I used to have a 99 GSX-L as well.

    The only Problem Correction that I had done on mine is the Exhaust Diaper. This is the Kit if yours doesn't have it already.

    KEEP THE CARBS CLEAN AND FREE OF SALT. I was VERY Meticulous with keeping mine Clean, and they still Seized Up on me and I had to Rebuild them.

    Throw on a Solas 15/20 Prop and a Worx Intake Grate, and you'll Fly. I had just those 2 Mods on mine and would Smoke GP1200 & 1300's, Kawi 1100's, Ultra 150's, all the "Top Dog" Ski's from around that Time Period.

    It's def. a "Rider's 'Ski" so don't be Afraid to Climb around on it while you're goin to find the Perfect Balance Point. I was all over mine like a Jungle Gym.

    It's a Great 'Ski. You're really gonna Enjoy it.

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    Is it modified? Usually the first thing people did was remove the stock airbox so if you see cone type flame arrestors on the carbs you need to make sure the jetting was changed accordingly. Is this your first boat? Duramaxxed is correct that it is a hand full on the rough. Have you had it out yet? If so, what RPM are you turning?

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    This ski is completely stock except for a new battery and plugs. Never been in salt water but will be, were on the east coast. Haven't had a chance to take her out yet. she cranks right up on the hose. I want to make sure there are no hose leaks or anything else from sitting up so long before taking it out. don't know if there are any kind of factory recalls for this model that where missed since the previous owner had it stored while being deployed in the military. don't know if this model has a low oil or no oil alarm like my two stroke evenrude. where exactly does that exhaust diaper or boot go, inside on the engine or on the transom? hear alot about oil pump block of plates and such, used to hear bad things about the vro on my evenrude too but never had any problems. Like being on the water but with fuel prices going up it's getting to expensive to run a big boat so i'm switching to skies. thanks again for ur replies

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    The Diaper goes right around the Exhaust where the Manifold Butts up to the Exhaust Pipe.

    F/A are Questionable on these Motors. Some say even if it's Jetted Correctly, there are Lean Spots in the Mid RPM Range. That's why I never did them on mine.

    Also, the Gray Fuel Lines have been known to Break Down from the Inside and Clog your Carbs. So with it Sitting for so Long, I'd Replace all the Fuel Lines, just in case. Make sure to get Marine Approved Fuel Line.

    I do believe it has a Low Oil Alarm as well.

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    ok thanks, i agree replacing the fuel lines would be a good idea. I can pick up some at west marine. I'll check for the boot but don't believe it has one. gona do that and change the pump oil then it'll be ready for the water. thanks

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    Yes it has a low oil warning
    Deff replace all the grey lines
    Drain out the old gas and oil and replace with new (seadoo xps oil is recommended)
    Check the drain plugs are tight, sealed, and come in and out easily
    Put a new battery in
    Have fun, ski is a blast !

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    Bought my first 99 GSXL new in 2000 and I still have it. Can't bear to part with it! Bought another one in 2002. I've done a lot of stuff to them from shaved head and flame arrestors to Coffmans pipe to replacing the carbed engine with a DI. Even put a Mazda 13B rotary in one From stock I'd recommend adding flame arrestors with outerwears and rejet the carbs. A lot of failures I see with these can come from the stock airbox getting water in it. It hangs way too low in the hull and has questionable seals. Get water in it and you'll sieze it. I've found the basic mods to be pretty reliable and have never blown mine up in 12 years of stupid hard riding (knocking on wood as I write this!).
    There is a ton of information on modding these skis on this site and Group K ( ). This is a good thread on GH:

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    The 951 motor is not known to be the most reliable - lots of crank failures. But they are fun to ride until they die. Listen for the death rattle and you'll know if your crank is getting bad.

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    I am having a problem when I plug my safety lanyard in to the safety switch the display comes on and when I push the start and stop button it turns off. It usually takes about 5-10 of messing around with the safety lanyard taking off and putting it on then it starts right up. I just replaced the safety switch but it seems to be having the same problem.. Does anyone have any suggestion that would be causing this problem??



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