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    no spark on polaris slx 1050

    I have a 99 polaris slx i bought used. I ran it for the first time yesterday and ran it hard for about 5 long as i was moving full blast when i slowed down it would bog down but now i have no spark any ideas for srarting to troubleshoot? Also it has the red engine in it dont know if that makes a difference

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    Sounds like you have a weak battery. Check voltage while cranking, anything less than 10.6 volt will not produce spark.

    Bogging is a fuel issue. Did you have your carb clean/rebuilt? Check your fuel delivery system too, make sure they're all clean.

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    The battery is brand new and has been on a trickle charger for a week solid but i will check voltage thanks

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    i think the 99 had the older style stator and cdi that was prone to failure,check the tech section on how to test the charging/ignition components

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    Yes the '99 did have the old style. And of course ignition update kits are no longer available. However I was told ignition upgrade kits from 97+ polaris 3cyl skis are still available and will work if you swap out the stator housing.
    But you have no spark at all? When it quits are you able to start it right back up and keep going? If so it could be a loose ground wire or possibly the stator going bad. PRAY ITS NOT THE STATOR!!! Ususally when the stator goes bad you will have stalling issues and it will stop spark to one of the cylinders. Its like a plug is fouled out but instead of a $4 plug its a $700 repair bill. Mine went bad on my '99 SLX this summer and I sold it to a shop as is in mint condition with 120hrs because I didn't want to deal with the cost and issues. Good luck!

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    Its the stator......happened to my sltx...

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