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    Thinking of buying 99 1110 ZXi

    Hello all,
    Looking at a 99 1110 ZXI , compression good , very good shape , little to no dock rash . Have always owned Polaris ( pro 785 ), and now a GP800r . Any positives ot negatives on the zxi ? Not looking for a speed demon , but something fun to ride and easy to maintain and get parts for , unlike the pro 785 !!

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    I had one, it was fun. It's fairly quick and likes to spin. Potential trouble spots include the electric trim, the oil lines, and stator cooling chamber.

    Make sure the rubber bellows on the trim cable at the back of the 'Ski is in good shape. It helps prevent water from working it's way up the cable into the trim motor. Open the box and look for corrosion. The O-ring gasket is a pain to get back in, use a couple of putty knives to work it into place while you tighten the bolts.

    Good idea to replace the oil lines. They get brittle and can split when they get old. Fill the new lines with oil and bleed the oil pump before starting the engine.

    There is a plate on the front of the engine, where the oil pump mounts. Cooling water is pumped in there to cool the stator. I've seen a couple of them that were full of debris. Remove the cooling hose and try blowing through it. If you can't, remove the plate and clean it out. You'll need to order the special O-rings before you take it apart.

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