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    Question Polaris SLT 780 K&N filter mount question

    Hello, I am getting ready to mount the 3 K&N air filters to replace the stock filter. Question is: Do the adapters mount directly to the Carbs or do they mount to what is currently mounted on top of the carbs. See picture below of what is currently on top of the Carbs. Do I remove this?
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    Directly to the carbs, so yes, that piece comes off as well.

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    Would I also need to adjust the richness of the carbs? If so how do I do that?

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    I would richen them ever so slightly, maybe an 1/8 of a turn out on all three of the carbs main jets. Then i would keep an eye on the spark plugs over the next few rides to make further adjustments. I put a triple set of filters on my 780 and they worked great but if you were going crazy on the ski (turning hard, 360's wave jumping) the air filters would bring in a little of the splashed water from the hull causing it to bog at low end occassionaly. So just that note. I made a plexiglass piece to put under the filters in between the carbs that helped fix this problem.

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    How do you adjust the carbs? I am not real familiar with maintenance on them? Any pictures or directions on where the adjustment valvue is would be great.



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