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    Cylinder Bolts - Heli Coil ???? Help!

    Any one have any experience with stripped out cylinder bolt holes on the upper crankcase of a 65U?

    After close inspection it appears some of my holes have been stripped out and heli coiled. Some of them are messed up after removal...

    Would heli coil be a reliable repair or should I be looking for a case?

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    yes a heli coil is a reliable repair as long as the surounding area can support the insert..

    note: try to use long coils and check reach depth of the bolt, then set the insert accordingly..

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    Thanks man.. was looking for some piece of mind. have not used them in aluminum before.....

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    heli coil will work great. i fixed many striped out bolt holes on skis with heli coil. drill your hole strate and lock tight them.

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    I figured out what happened... the guy who did this motor before me used the 2 long bolts that go in the ends of the cylinders in the middle and punched through the bottom of the holes, then used the short bolts on the end so there wasn't enough threads to hold and the bolts pulled the threads out... Thanks guys...

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