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    Looking for a Yamaha gp 1300r motor inbox me please need ASAP

    Enyone get a 02 thru 07 yamaha gp 1300 r motor please let me know !!!

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    What do you want? You already started a threat asking for an 05 motor. 00-02 is a 1200cc motor that is PV and carbed. They didn't make a 1300 until 03. 03-04 are 1300cc PV motors and I believe EFI, but not sure and I think some people put carbs on them. 05-08 I know are EFI and have NO power valves. Pretty much every part is interchangeable so you might not need a whole engine. Just give these members more info and they will be more then willing to point you in the right direction.

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    well i have a 2005 yamaha gp but its missing the motor so i need one asap !! if u know enyone shelling let me know

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    you dont have enough posts to make a WTB ( want to buy) post so your asking in here which is flouting the rules, if you want help then help others first after you can post a wtb thread.

    i will leave this post here for now but please respect the boards rules in future or you will run into problems.


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