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    How hot is too hot

    How hot should a 4 stroke engine run? My buddy has a 06 FX cruiser and the thing runs hot imho. The water that comes out the back will nearly scald you when flushing. Water flows out both side outputs, but when you pull the seat it is really hot in there and if you run it for a short time with no water, a temp buzzer sounds. Is that right?

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    Yes and yes,never run it without water!

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    How long is a short time? You shouldnt be getting a buzzer if it's in the seconds range (10 seconds or so)..

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    Water coming out the back will be very hot, but if your worried, I'd pull the thermostat and check it. Its pretty easy to get to. Not unusual for debris to get stuck around the thermostat or for the thermostat to fail. Some of these skis will run hot on the hose if you don't have good hose pressure. The ski also needs to be level. NEVER run it dry for more than 10-15 seconds, or you will definitely get an alarm.

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