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    1992 sl650 carb tune help

    i set my carbs to factory and lake tested after carb rebuild. the other day i had to choke it to get the ski to plane. so thats where the carb cleaning came from. do i adjust all ls needles first or the hs needles? and does it have to be in the water to tune. under a load? and do yall have the factory needle specs fo a 1992 sl650 i think the other day i posted 1993 sl650 so sorry about that. greenhulk . net is an awesome site for pwc help thanks again.

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    The manual shows the high needles need to be set with MAG= 3/8 CEN= 3/8 PTO=1/4
    Low speed needles set at 1 3/8.

    Popoff pressure should be 10-18 PSI.

    Did you upgrade to a 3-outlet fuel pump when you rebuilt the carbs?


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    no it will be here tomarrow, hopefully. i dont think i set the carb ls at 1 3/8 i used specs from a 1993 sl650 i will have to look back and see.

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    yes it was set to 1 3/8 . but the single outlet pump is still on the ski. should i wait until the mikuni 3 outlet is install before i tune the needles? sorry i just dont know much about jetskis. if it was a car or dirtbike it would be running a week ago. i just dont want to mess this ski up. replaced mag piston, cleaned carbs, gaskets, now waiting on my new pump. i just thought i would try to see if it would run better than the other day. and it did , but maybe i need to wait for the pump?

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    the other day i had to choke it to get it to plane. yesterday i did not. just bogged down at first . ive just read polaris jet skis that are not right are a time bomb waiting to happen. kaaboom. but i did not stay on the throttle long at all. i dont want to replace a piston again.

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    Any ski that is not right is a time bomb waiting to happen...... Wait for the 3 outlet, make sure your fuel lines are good, and go with the factory settings +1/4. Too rich never blew up a ski.....

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    I didn't see any mention what your Pop Off Pressure readings are. Just curious if you have checked to see what they are yet?
    POP affects tuning as well, too high will cause fuel starvation and too low you'll be too rich (flooded).

    Also, in order to start out with factory setting on screw adjusters, other factor such as flame arrestor and jets need to be at factory as well. You may have noticed that factory settings for carb are typically listed as follow:
    Hi jet #
    Low Jet #
    Hi screw turn
    Low screw turn
    Needle/seat vavle size

    They all affect one another, if one deviates from factory, others will have to be adjusted to compensate. So, if I were you, I would go thru your carb to find out exactly what you have for the above listed, to make your tuning experience a bit smoother.

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    i will wait for the pump what is pop off pressure? how do you check that. now i feel stupid.

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    my skis are bone stock. let me know what pop off pressure is , and used for , and how to check it. if i dont ask ill never know.

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    You need a pop off pressure tester like this

    If I understand it correctly, It is basically a pump, gauge, and check valve. You pump up the pressure on each carb inlet individually untill the needle pops off the seat. You will see a build up of pressure on the gauge then a "release". The peak value before release is the pop of pressure.

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