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    Pump seal replacement?

    Hey I was just wondering if any of you know whether or not there's any performance gain to replacing the large black seal on the pump (RXP) - where the pump assembly mates to the hull/pump shoe?

    I'm thinking in terms of possible cavitation from the seal being too old (soft) or anything along those lines...?


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    I change mine roughly every year . They help eliminate cavitation, by making a proper seal. If the is gonna be in and out often, It can't hurt ya to do it. They are cheap anyways.

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    Yea mine is original '05 and I'm always in there anyway. By just looking at it, I just wasn't sure if cavitation was possible there or not. I'll probably replace the other smaller seals in there too. I'm putting together an order for my new steering cable, so just thinking about this stuff. It would be cool to gain some thrust back (if I'm down any) from just that simple seal

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    if its in good shape w/o any bends, cuts or kicks I wouldnt worry about it. But if you are already ordering other parts and such from from the OEM store then yea get one, I think they are only $10

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