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    Broken intake grate & coolant leak

    Hey guys, I have a Sea Doo sportster boat, but there is more activity in this section, and someone should be able to help me out.

    I found this post from last year, and it's pretty much the same situation I have:

    One of the bars on the stock intake grate broke at rear, clean break and it's bent upwards about an inch, the other one is intact. I'm not sure when this happened, sometime last summer, but it had bad cavitation problems, and I'm guessing this was the cause.

    Along with this, there is a small coolant leak at the front of the ride plate where it meets the intake grate. What should I look for to fix this? I'm assuming they are related, I've never had either of these issues before. Thanks!

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    Replacing the intake grate is a no-brainer but, the only common connection to the grate and coolant leak is the front bolt. The front bolt goes up and into the hull under the engine. You need to look around and check ALL coolant hose clamps, and there are a bunch of them: to/from the ride plate, T-stat, oil cooler, block, reservoir tank, etc, etc. Also check the plastic fittings that are in the ride plate that the coolant hoses connect to, you may have cracked one of them.

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    Sounds like you ran over something. Does the rideplate appear undamaged? When the grate breaks it flexs the rideplate and can cause leak.

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    The spacing may be setup slightly different between the skis and the boats, but the front bolt that hols the intake grate on the boat, is beneath the drive shaft and not near anything else.

    The ride plate does not look damaged, ther are no scratches or dents in it. The hull is dry and has no leaks or coolant in the bilge.

    So, if it flexes the ride plate and creates a leak, is that something internal in the rideplate that leaks or a connection point?
    I looked up replacing the rideplate lastnight, and that seems like a huge PITA.

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    How much coolant are you leaking? Is it just dripping in your garage, or are you running low while driving on the water? I found a drip or two from my rideplate because it was leaving small puddles in my garage. Turns out it's just one of the screws leaking around it's threads (screws that bolt the rideplate's two halves together). Besides all of the 34-36 screws, there's a seal between the two halves all around the perimeter of the cooling tract (you see that only after you've split the plate open).

    Many of us have removed rideplates. It's not hard. I describe it as messy and time consuming (the cleanup before reinstallation) more than anything.

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    I still have my rideplate split open, if you want pics of it all (after I get home from work tonight).

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkturbo! View Post
    I still have my rideplate split open, if you want pics of it all (after I get home from work tonight).
    Sure pics would be great.

    It's a tiny leak, only noticed because I had cardboard under the boat and there was a puddle. It's a small leak. No noticable drop in coolant level, I'm honestly not even sure how long its been that way, I dont get under the boat too often.

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    Dry the plate and watch for leaks from the highest location. Sounds like something I have with my plate.

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    You can try resealing and tighting as many bolts as you can after pulling the pump out. Sometimes this is enough to fix the leak. Its worth a try. Next step pull the plate.
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    FYI - in order to loosen half of those screws, I had to bake my plate in the oven at 200-325 degrees or so, over a period of about 20-30 min total (checking it a few times along the way). A few screws around the center if the plate were easiest with minimal heat and trouble, while the outer screws and most forward screws in the plate were the toughest and took much more heat soak to loosen without breaking the threads. The plate is thicker up where the intake grate meets it, and requires more heat soak.
    I was told by Riva that these screws are $5 each, and there's 34 or 36 of them.

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