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    99 Yamaha GP800 can't get cylinder jug off!!!

    I have remover the 4 bolts off the top of the jug and I'm not able to budge it. I have broken two screwdrivers trying to pry at the pry points. Any idea on if I'm missing something or are these gaskets on that well?

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    There are 4 bolts at the base of the cylinders, remove those as well !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    There are 4 bolts at the base of the cylinders, remove those as well !
    I apologize, I removed the four bolts from the base and the head and she won't budge!

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    Any ideas guy? I am trying to knockout this project but am really being taxed on this thing. I have tryed using the pry points, busting now 3 screwdrivers, beaing it with a rubber mallet and hitting it with a 4x4! Please Help!!!

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    Have you tried prying up on them as you spin it around ? I would think with all the beating and prying it would broken lose by now though.... Maybe try using something smaller than a screwdriver to slip between the 2 pieces.
    Good luck with it !! :-/

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    Ask in the 2 stroke section also. Those GPR guys should be able to help.

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