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    STX-R Race Ski Air Temperature Sensor Question (the 2 wires are twisted together???)

    I purchased an STX-R that was ridden by Eric Francis that he won 2 or 3 world titles with and i'm finishing putting it all back together. I was looking for the Air Temperature Sensor as I noticed it was not present. I checked the service manual and it said the 2 wires going to this sensor are blk/w and R/BL. Still I could not find these wires. I noticed in the manual it ran through the harness with the TPS sensor so I started to untwist the electrical tape that went around the wire loom and bingo, I found them. They are twisted together in a splice connector and I'm trying to figure out the purpose for this. I guess his ski ran fine and It's probably not a concern but I wanted to get some opinions. Thanks for your input.

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    It advances the timing/i think 3deg....Normally with the Air Temp Sensor hooked up the timing advances after the air temp reaches a certain temp(95 i think) jumping the wires is like a free mod,timing advanced all the time!

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