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    2010 RXTiS vs. 2012 RXPX in the Ocean

    Yesterday, a friend with a new PX and myself went out off of New Smyrna Beach yesterday. The swells were about 3ish and well spaced, chop was moderate. At some point we traded machines and here's what we found about the S3 Hull vs. T3:

    First off, I know my machine has a suspension system and it was at full height (6 inches) for the day. Having that definitely takes away any buzzing feeling one gets from a regular machine and takes hard jolts and softens them up. According to Brent (owner of PX) the ride was much "cushier". I ran both skis into a head sea, following and quartering. The conditions didn't really allow for a pure beam sea. Each hull had advantages over the other depending on the direction of travel.

    Head Sea: Advantage: S3 Hull
    S3: If the conditions are right, a rider almost feels nothing into a head sea, especially with the suspension. Ski stays planted and comfortable. I was able to run over 50 for extended periods without having to really stand up, except when going over a swell. Back it down to 40-45 and I could ride that way from Miami to Bimini no problem in similar conditions.
    T3: OUCH!!! Really hit hard! I could feel every ounce of water being split. The T3 definitely seems to ride with a lot of the bow in the water. Standing up was definitely on the menu, but the quick jolting and shaking every time a wake was hit could fatigue a rider as well. I gunned it a couple of times and although the ski tracked well, it sure did hurt a bit. But the ski will go fast through the stuff, no doubt.

    Following Sea: Advantage: T3 Hull
    S3: My hull likes to porpoise and hop a bit in a following sea. I do trim the nozzle down, but Trim Tabs would help. The new aS has Tabs that can be manually adjusted, but the ideal is to be able to adjust them on the fly. Those would help keep the ski settled when it tried to leave the water. If the seas are just the right size, the S3 can become a rodeo ride in a following sea and easily loses hookup; such as my case was, even with an RD Grate.
    T3: Ski ran much smoother and faster. The jolts it does receive are sharper than my suspended ski, but more muted. I was able to run the PX over 50 with ease in a following sea. But the ski didn't track straight as their was a little bow steer.

    Quartering: Advantage: Depends on the rider
    S3: A very slight advantage if it's a quartering head sea, as the hull will porpoise less, however the S3 hull tends to pitch and roll a bit. The trick with this is to let your lower body roll with the ski, keeping your upper body level to the horizon.
    T3: Still has its advantage in a quartering follow, but the bow steer was more pronounced. The trick here was just to let it happen as the ski would yaw to the left, then to the right and back again. Fighting it could cause problems. I never found it to be out of control, just different for a ski.
    My Preference was the S3, only because I've owned Checkmate, Stingray and Fountain boats in the past and am more familiar with things like chine walk and rolling. Plus my background with stand ups (Kawi 550's) from my youth helped as well with keeping my upper body quiet and letting my lower body pitch and roll. Brent was not comfortable with the pitching even though he comes from a motocross background. He's fine with the yawing, as rolling with the ski, does require a bit of exercise.

    So I guess it's rider preference on this one.

    Beam Seas: The seas were bi-directional so there was no way to test this one, but I know my S3 hull doesn't like beam seas and the pitching is more pronounced along with a rougher ride. Not sure how a PX would behave, but from my past experiences, one never knows. My 21' Stingray behaved better in a beam sea/chop than my 29 Fountain did.

    My Opinion: I still think an S3 is probably a better overall ocean choice, unless someone was conditioned well enough to deal with the T3's rough ride into a head sea. I would really like to try out an aS with the adjustable tabs as well, I think that would be the best setup for the ocean, but there is no doubt in my mind that the new PX is a serious machine. If a T3 hull was mated to a suspension system taking away those head sea jolts, then I believe it would crush anything else in the ocean. That's the opinion I've formed from my short experience yesterday.

    And as an extra special bonus, Brent's GF was riding his old PX and they switched because he wanted to compare. The older one felt more nimble, but the newer one tracks well. He likes how the newer PX jumps as well, because the old one would drop its stern in mid-air and keel over. I think Brent has done enough mid-air "abort and ejects".

    BTW: the RXTiS does not drop its ass end in the air at all. With a full tank of fuel, I have to search for larger, steeper waves or I'm always cranking back on smaller waves so the ski doesn't land flat. I have put my ski over 20 feet in the air (video of that coming soon too) and have had a smooth landing every time I can get her nearly vertical. It will not peel back, I just enjoy those weightless moments. Between the smooth tail first landings along with the suspension, I have yet to get sore or hurt my back/neck wave jumping. (And I have some serious previous injuries.) I do believe that this ski, and the 2 others like it, have a distinct advantage in the wave jumping category. But you need to find some bigger waves, as the deep V does split the water.

    I have a crap load of video to go through, but I will put some edits up in the next few days of me riding both skis in both directions.

    I hope you all find this informative. Everybody is going to have their style and preferences. Some people want to drive a sports car (PX) and some people want to drive a monster truck (with the only lift kit in the aquatic world, the iS qualifies) Guys like Brent prefer the sports car and guys like me prefer to drive a monster truck up a wall of water!

    (Sorry for the long post)
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