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    Selling my Old School Yamaha Skis in Indianapolis

    Hey everyone,
    As I've met some of you guys and some we have just spoken on forums but my time as come to sell my skis. I got married and the wifey is putting me in a situation to sell my babies lol I know I know, everyone said this day would come but I never thought it would but it's that time haha I'm selling everything I own when it comes to jet skis.
    As some of you guys know, I purchased Mike Peavlers baby from him over a year ago. The one in which he put tons of blood sweat and tears into. I really hate to say it but it has to go as well. I will just list everything I have and hopefully it will all go to a home where someone will take care of it. I may still be forgetting some things but I will update it as I organize things and see new things.

    Will sell as a complete set at first but may part out if all parts are sold individually:
    -Mike Peavlers gp1200 engine (fully modified) transferred from his raider to a 97 gp1200 hull. TOO MUCH TO LIST but here is just a short list:
    1. 85.5 Pro X pistons
    2. Tim Judge ported cylinder
    3. V-force 3 reeds
    4. 46 Mikuni carbs, choke plates removed primer installed
    5. ADA head with interchangeable domes at 150 PSI "pump gas safe"
    6. Raider Stinger "63M"
    7. New pump bearings, seals etc...including tunnel seals/bushings
    8. Solas Prop
    9. Riva CDI
    10. Pro-tec intake "I think...can't recall...that was port matched"
    11. Intake grate and ride plate

    -1997 gp1200 (completely stock minus prodesign head and beach house sponsons)

    -2004 white 2 place haulrite jetski trailer with large lockable container on front side

    Will sell individually:
    -1995 yamaha raider hull only

    -single jet ski trailer (no title but in great condition)

    -Water race buoys with weights

    -BRAND NEW out of package 150 psi ADA gp1200 girdled head usually $429.00 new (only out of package so I could test compression on an open ski but used old head so I never installed this head/kit)

    -brand new never opened hydro turf mat for gp1200. (never found time to install on my ski during winter)

    -5 adult size o'brien life jackets

    -5 5 gallon gas tanks

    EVERYTHING MUST GO!! PM ME IF YOU NEED ANYTHING AND WE CAN NEGOTIATE PRICE!! I'll be posting this in the classified everywhere so I doubt anything will last long. Thanks for checking everything out!

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    now moved this ad into the classified section....there are pics and updated information there. thanks

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