When I bought the ski last season it had a Solas 16/21 freshly installed. I put a R&D plate on it but was still only turning 7200-7300 rpms

I sent the OEM impeller off to Impros to have it reworked and bought a TBM cover because I didn't trust myself to do a good job notching the wheel. Installed it and the cover at the same time. Now the ski is turning 7850 rpms. While it feels great out the hole it is only showing 62mph on the GPS (70 on the dream-o-meter).

My buddy just got a stage 1 on his FZS and I was pretty even with him coming out of the hole but of course he pulled away (not like I thought he would though).

I may put the 16/21 back on and see how it does with it and the timing advance. Will probably add TBM's intercooler mod here before it gets too hot. Of course, I might just say the hell with it and buy a 300 if I find the right deal.