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    Unhappy runs on choke only

    I have a pair of 1998 polaris slth, problem with one is it runs fine on the trailer but put it in the water and it only stays running with the choke on and barley above 2500 rpm. When i got it back to the house it was still doing it as i tried to flush it but cleared up and sounds great. Next day took it back out to try it again and the same issue, it started fine gave it the gas it started to come out of the water than died and had to use the choke to go back to the ramp. Love the other ski runs awesome just need to get this one doing the same. Thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk! This is a link to all the info you could need. Click the link and read up on what should be done. Sound like you are running way lean (no fuel). If you have not done any fuel system upgrades/replacements, now is the time. The fuel lines are known to break down and clog the internal carb filters...happend on my 99 SLH.

    The section "Polaris Domestic (red) engine (1996-2004)" is what applies to the engine in your ski.

    Read up and if you have specific questions, feel free to ask. But with the little info we have, sounds like you need to replace fuel lines, and rebuild the carbs.

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    Thanks for the info it is greatly appreciated, not many mechanics in this area that will work on a Polaris.

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    If you have grey fuel lines replace them and clean/rebuild the carbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mee View Post
    Thanks for the info it is greatly appreciated, not many mechanics in this area that will work on a Polaris.
    A 2-stroke engine is a 2-stroke engine - what's stamped on it amounts to intricacies that any good mechanic can understand regardless. Get away from model-specific shops and go somewhere that deals with engines in general.

    I'm with others - start with rebuilding your carb and replacing all the fuel lines. If you've never done it before there's plenty of help and how-to's here to help you along. You can do it yourself for just the cost of the rebuild kits. I just rebuilt the carb in my Virage last weekend for $40...

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