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    Backfiring Seadoo

    Hi all

    I have just recently rebuilt a 2004 Seadoo RXP with a SC 1503 Rotax engine.
    Today I attempted to start up, on the first couple of tries she would not fire, left it for a while and tried again.
    This time the engine would crank over and backfire or misfire with a loud bang coming through the exhaust, I referred back to the troubleshooting manual, and checked the timing, the spark plugs and caps, I put new fuel in the tank and have basically have done everything the manual says, but still the engine continues to backfire or misfire with a loud bang.
    I have been working on this Jet Ski for over 4 weeks and just want to get on the water.
    Does anybody have any solutions?

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    wrong section bud, this section is for guys with motec standalone ecu's. Welcome to the forum, hopefully someone will chime in with an answer

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    Sounds like a timIng problem. Easy way to check you aren't way off is checking compression. Check compression just to see where you are at and if too low or too high then look into the timing.

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