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    Lightbulb How to remove water temperature sensor on a2000 XL1200LTD

    Ok guys, I searched this today and couldn't find anything so I went for it and here is how I did it. My XL keeps giving me a "w.temp" code, I have no spark and it won't start. I decided to remove the water temperature sensor located all the way at the end of the stinger pipe by the back wall of the engine compartment, thought I would have to remove the whole stinger but instead did this:

    1.- Remove water box (easier in my ski bc I have Riva high flow exhaust and don't have to deal with all the OEM silencers and hoses)
    2.- Remove rubber coupling at the end of exhaust pipe
    3.- Disconnect water temp sensor
    4.- Remove last section of exhaust pipe where water sensor is located by removing 6 #10mm bolts and taking it out through the exhaust pipe hole in the back wall of the engine compartment, you most tilt it so it clears out.
    5.- Take the connector terminals out of the plastic housing using a very small flat screw driver to free the connectors form inside the plastic housing
    6.- Using a #14 closed wrench, unscrew the sensor (the only way is to put the wire through the closed wrench, so you can get the wrench to the sensor, the open part of the wrench will not clear the protective tabs on the pipe)

    This might sound like a lot but it took me 10 mins to do it, and like I said, it beats taking the whole stinger out. Please let me know if it helps, or if I just wasted 15 minutes of my time posting a DYS thread about something that could be done easier another 5 ways...

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    take a sacrificial deep socket and cut a groove almost to the top. the wire will stick out of the groove, then unscrew with ratchet... similar to oxygen sensor socket...

    or if you don`t have the tools to cut the socket, another way is to pass the wires thu the 3/8 square at the end of the socket and grab the socket with a vice grip...

    a few simple ways right there without removing anything...

    hahaha, whatever anyone does, never never take a "chisel and hammer" to your ski, leave that to the wood butchers...

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