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Thread: fuel and oil?

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    fuel and oil?

    so im told my 88 js550 has a high compression top end, the previous owner said he ran 91 mixed at 32:1 but didnt say what oil. can i get some recomendations please? thanks, david

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    I've always ran Amsoil synthetics in all my 2-stroke much so that I actually became a dealer. In the reality of todays ethanol-polluted gas it's become all the more important I've come to learn since the synthetics provide better protection against the almost inevitable intrusion of water into the engine.

    There are the die-hard purists who swear by running only the "genuine" oils provided by the manufacturer, but honestly, although it's good quality's almost always MASSIVELY overpriced. I had a good laugh this week when a Polaris dealer tried to sell me a jug of their fully synthetic injector oil for....$70!

    The Amsoil fully synthetic injector oil is $34 for the gallon jug. Basically half the price..

    Here's my dealer link if you want to check it out:


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    Red Line oil 40:1

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    I also like Klozt,I ve never had the chance to buy or use Amsoil

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    in my suzuki lt250r i use maxima 927 with 91 octane gas, pretty sure im mixing at 32:1, i have come to love the 927 how do you think it would do in a ski? of course id take it to 40:1. i havent had any expierence with amsoil either

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    Typically i only run 50:1..Red Line Oil..Maxima Super M is the only"Maxima" Oil I have Used...Super M is Great,never tried the 927..Red Line is my favorite hands down!

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    Get a Ratio Rite so you dont have to guess on what mixture your running.

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    i ment castor 927 sorry, but yea i use a ratio rite everytime so 50:1 would be good?

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    I assume so..I have no experience with Castor Oil

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    Pennzoil Marine TC-W3 Premium Plus. Works awesome and I've used it in all my Ski's. Last ski had 346 hours without a rebuild and I ran only this oil. Walmart has it $4.76 a quart. I also run it in my Ultra 150 and upon rebuild, due to overheating caused by a clogged water line, The engine insides were immaculate!! The ski has 170 hours and you can still see the factory cross etchings in the cylinder walls from Kawasaki. What would be the reason to run a more expensive oil?

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