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    STS 900 Need some advice.

    I bought two non running sts 900s I put one back together but it wont stay running. Im guessing a carb rebuilt. the other needs a new crank and pistons and prob a carb rebuild
    is rebuilding the carb a big deal. (Ive never had much luck rebuilding them on other toys).
    or should I part them out. running low on money due to unexpected bill.
    links, to video or manuals or any how to or your personal advice is welcome

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    rebuilding the carbs isnt too bad...the big issue is just getting every thing clean and set right.....remember with carbs and fuel systems in general the cleaner they are the better they are. If you took it apart and put back together with old gaskets that may be the problem some carbs are picky and reusing gaskets wont work. What I would recommend since you have had issues rebuilding in the past. consider what you want to do. Is all you want to do is get some cash back off an investment if that is the case then parting out might be you best bet. However if your like me i would want to ride it one time at least, and plus a running ski is generally alot easier to sell (sometimes) I would rebuild the carb and for you it might be easier to just remove the carb and have a local shop rebuild the carbs. The only problem there in lies the tuning of the carbs on the ski. If however you would like to try and rebuild your carbs. I would assume you have keihin carbs. In that case that should help you with other further understanding the project in general.

    Not sure if i helped or just confused you but i hope i helped

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