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    Thumbs down 2 hrs on '10 RXT-X, multiple fault codes

    Just got my first ski ( First ride was about 1.5 hrs and was awesome.. Second day I get it in the water, park my truck, and when I start the ski the check engine light comes on and it says "check engine oil." I shut the ski off, checked the oil (which I had done prior to and after the first ride) and sure enough, it was still clear and within the acceptable range.

    I restarted it several times and the code kept coming back. I called the dealer and they said as long as it wasn't in limp mode, it was "probably" nothing to worry about since they had just changed the oil before selling it to me. They recommended I ride and bring it in next week (they're closed on sundays, this all happened saturday afternoon). I got off the phone, started it again and the engine light and message were gone, so I decided to ride. I kept it pretty slow, but after about 10 minutes, the CEL came back on and the message said "check engine." However, it cleared after a few seconds. This happened several more times with the CEL and the red OTAS coming on simultaneously. I decided to quit for the day. As I was maneuvering the ski over to my trailer, the CEL came on and it told me it was in Limp Home mode. 2 hrs on a new ski and it's in limp mode. Awesome.

    After I got home, I was fiddling with the electronics and found the fault code list which listed P1550 and P1658. Apparently P1550 can be caused by a faulty sensor or a magnet being out of place? I'd dig into the steering column, but with the "check engine oil" light on as well, I don't feel like screwing with it. I guess the DESS fault code is because I inserted the key incorrectly, or is something screwed up with the key?

    Multiple CELs and fault messages within the first 2 hours of riding it does not give me a warm fuzzy about seadoo quality & reliability. It's under warranty still, but now I've got to take time out of my work day to tow it to the dealer.

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    Oh.. while the CEL + OTAS lights were on, i came to a stop in the water, and the OTAS worked fine... I guess the light being on doesn't mean OTAS doesn't work, just that there's a fault somewhere?

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