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    2002 GP1200R Possible Purchase from GH members!

    I am not all too familiar with GPR Part prices or rebuilds so I am wondering if the GH community can help me out!

    A friend of mine has a 2002 GP1200 R in good condition, with low compression in the front two cylinders from Water Damage. Everything else is there, and appears to be fine. What is a fair price to purchase this ski for, with a nice single place shorelander trailer? What would be a fair guess at a final price to expect if I part it out?

    Also, what is the best route to go with rebuilding these engines since he may rebuild it. I suggested Pro-X or Wisecos, and swapping cylinders with Millennium Technology. It is still on its stock bore. Motor has 90 original hours. I also recommended a carb rebuild for all 3 holes.

    Does anyone recommend a rebuilt/refurbished engine exchange program for these engines? In my experience, SBT is junk, but I do not know of any other place for yamaha engines.

    In regards to crank seals, is there a seal between each cylinder? If so, are these seals only replaceable by pressing the crank apart and back together again? I would assume if that is the case, I am better off purchasing a new/rebuilt crank. I am afraid the water damage may have entered the front cylinder and made its way through a bad seal into the middle cylinder. However it could just be that water was simply ingested by each cylinder, excluding the rear. I am not sure. That's why I am here.

    Sorry for all of the questions, I am new to the GPR scene. I would ideally like to pick this thing up, fix it, and ride it if the price is right!

    Thanks for your help GH


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    GPRs are generally more expensive to rebuild due to additional costs of power valve stuff (if needed) and Nikasil coated cylinders.
    There really isn't too many people you can trust to rebuild a GPR1200 engine besides yourself or a few people who REALLY care about attention to detail (and you'll pay a good bit more then SBT prices for that expertise...but it'll be worth it).
    As far as I know there isn't any seals in between the bearings on the crankshaft so no worries there.

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    I figured it would be more expensive than a non PV motor. Especially including the nikasil. What parts are hot commodities on these things, if anything? Thanks for your help

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    generally if a GPR has low compression your looking at new piston and rings and possibly crank. especially if the person kept trying to ride it hoping it would straighten out.
    As far as cylinders millennium technologies can renic. yours and even weld up deep scratches for a reasonable price and they look like new when you get them back.
    You can order new pistons and rings through Riva or try to get some off the classifieds here.
    If you send your crank to crankworks they can repair it or go new oem.
    If you can do all this yourself you will have a like new motor that you can trust and a lot of help from members on here to help you get it back together wright.

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    The seals are on the pto and mag end only, there are no seals in between the crank. If you have ingested water, in all likelyhood your crank bearings will be no good for the long haul. No point doing a new top end with new cyls and leaving a crank with rusty/questionable bearings. Go with Pro-X pistons over Wiseco's particularly for rec riding as the Wiseco's require a looser bore to avoid cold seizures. I went with WSM Platinums on mine they seem pretty good and a lot cheaper. Millenium Technologies does awesome work, go with them for replate/exchange. Do yourself a favor and get a new crank (core exchange) with new seals, make sure to leak test the engine as well. Don't forget the wave eaters for PV safety and 3 X Mikuni carb rebuild kits.

    If you are doing the work yourself you will be looking at around $1,600 approx. If you plan to hang on to it for some time it is the best way to go, if you want it for 1 season then maybe the SBT option would be better for you and less time consuming.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I do plan on doing the work myself. My buddy has a GPR that he raced in stock class so I've got a bit of help from him. I had pretty much planned on doing the crank rebuild or purchase new. Thanks for the info...I will let you guys know if he decides to sell it and I can pick it up.

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    Just picked it up with a trailer, she's mine. Now I have to decide if I should part it or rebuild it! I am leaning towards a rebuild.

    Going to add wave eater clips and rita free flow exhaust. Keeping it mainly stock for friends and family to enjoy if I keep it.

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    Let me know if you need parts I have a ton

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