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    03 seadoo gti le rfi hard to start in water

    HELP!!!! 03 GTI LE RFI.... it takes forever to start and if it has been running for a half hour or so it takes even longer to restart again. things ive done...1. changed spark plugs (and gaped) 2. got rid of old nasty gas and added new tank 93 oct. 3. added seafoam 4. adjusted idle (was around 1800 rpm) by the way has a nasty knock that goes away when slight gas applied. any suggestions????? STARTS OUT OF WATER FINE AFTER ABOUT 3 TRYS

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    I'm having the same prob w/ an 05. Ive heard problems with the tps, magneto, spark plugs, open fuel injector etc. nothing has panned out yet. Any luck w/ you?

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    Have you had your battery checked? Low cranking amps or a bad cell will cause that.

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    Have you changed the fuel lines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    Have you had your battery checked? Low cranking amps or a bad cell will cause that.

    +1 THis RFI doos are sensitive to voltage drops.

    How many hours does it have? Check your compression. Maybe it's time for a top end refresh. Also not so sure but on those years the iddle was set with the SeaDoo tool(BUds or Can Doo ). Not so easy doingit by hand because I'm not so sure if those models have like a sensor to know when they are on the water. Also check your fuel pressure .Try (when the problem ocurrs) to prime the pump by putting the key several times to hear the pump charge.

    Hope this helps.

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    I had a 02 rfi in here that started much better when I reset the TPS and reset the idle to 1450 in the water.

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    to JIM ^

    i have a 99 gsx rfi and it cranks but will not start for the life of me. i done the following: spark plugs, new gas with seafoam, cleaned fuel rail and injectors. good pressure, good compression, amazing spark. even if i spray starter fluid directly to cylinders or intake it will not start. it will start for 1/2 second once in a while but thats about it.

    just wondering how to reset the tps and idle.


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    Battery is new, fuel pump new etc. it appears to be chocking on its own exhaust. If I pull the rear end of the ski out of the water and expose the exhaust hole to air, it will start.

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    Andino thanks for ur post I'll try a new battery

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