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Thread: 2008 stx-15f

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    2008 stx-15f

    I am new to the pwc world. I am looking at a 2008 15f with 45 hours, nice condition. comes with double trailer that I need. Is $5250 a fair price? I just last week bought an 05, 15f with 21 hours got it for what I thought was a steal at $4200 with single trailer. What do you think.
    My twins are getting a fun H.S. graduation present. Daddy likes to!
    Thanks for you help, sorry if post in wrong area

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    With a double trailer that is a good price. Great ski. Very few issues (if any) and just maintain and trouble free.

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    Buy it and enjoy it, good fun ski's that will serve you well for a good long time.


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    That is a good deal especially if you need the double trailer. I love my 15f.

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