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Thread: Zxi pulse line

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    Zxi pulse line

    Hi everyone

    So my 98 ZXI only has one Pulse line,snce i am switching to 97 ZXI CDK11 carbs i will need to install another pulse line'"so i have read". My question is what cylinder do i install it at..Cyl # 1( iam assuming)already has one,so would i install it at

    the cylinder # 3 ?

    I also have an oppurtunity to buy some Kehin Sudco 42mm carbs in really nice shape,would that be the best route to go for a slighly modified boat(bolt on mods only,head,prop,water manipulation etc..) If i do go with the Sudco carbs i have also

    read they require a Pulse line for each invidual carb?

    Last question for now.... Is going to a triple fuel pick-up(so each carb has its own fuel line) something that makes a difference in performance?

    Thanks guys/gals

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    i am assuming this is a 900 or 1100 and without looking at my manual ...i think that is correct the pulse line would go to cylinder 3. I am unsure about the choice on the carbs......but if one is larger than the other it stands to reason they flow more air...but just bare in mind with any engine if you get more air in you have to eventually consider you need to get that extra air out and that means exhaust mods.
    As far as bolt on mods. I think most people have their own rule of thumb ..but i generally like to run a ski stock first if i havnt run one of its type before see how it handles and determine each build based on the platform i have at hand.
    In regards to the triple pick up.....I am unsure of how much it would actually help.
    I say that meaning if each carb has its own line coming directly from the tank then there might be a minimal return.....but if all you do is run off the one line and then split too 3 I doubt any difference would be noticed.

    My question to you would be how complex do you want to make this ski, and how do you intend to use it? I ask because if you really enjoy the tuning and mod aspect then go hog wild...but if you get burnt out easy and just want to ride ...i recommend simple and reliable.

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    Yeah its an 1100..i am doing some water manipulation to the stock exhaust & either modding the stock water box or installing an aftermarket one.I do like to tinker quite abit but i dont just want to work on it constantly,this is my first triple cylinder ski,it runs well but the CV carbs are holding it back.Thx for the reply!

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    Glad I could help....i have 4 skis my self 3 of them are my basic go out with the guys cruise the lake/river and have fun. But I have a 98 xi sport that is my rat ski. I havnt done alot to it but i have done more than all the others. moding the water box would probly be a good idea not know if coffmen ...prolly mispelled that might have something for it. Because of it is age it might be hard to find if there is something. I suggest Patience and persistence and you can probably find what ever you need and custom the ski slowly and make all yours and all badd ass best of luck and happy times on the water! I say that because msd has a customizble igntion set i want for my 750 i just cant bring my self to spend that much lol...well have fun

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