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    Picked up an 06 R-12x earlier this week. During the test ride it was too rough (and cold) to really run it hard, but it did seem to run well (ran around 6000-6200 rpm and the lieometer said 60-65). Today i was able to take it out and run it quite a bit harder. I found out that it cavitates pretty bad during a full-throttle launch. It starts off good but once it begins to plane out, it cavitates for a second or two then hooks and takes off. Also when exiting a sharp 180 degree turn it cavitates really bad and basically just sits still.

    I checked the impeller and it looked OK, a few minor dings and scratches but nothing huge. Any other ideas what could be causing this? It also looks like the ride plate and intake grate have been taken off. There is some type of sealant, looks like silicone, around the grate and ride plate. It may have come from the factory like this, dont know as this is my first honda pwc. Could the few scratches and dings on the impeller casue it to be this bad, and will a new impeller solve the problem?

    If a new impeller will work, would the solas 17/29 be too much prop on a stock ski? I plan on modifying it later on down the road (probably sooner than later).

    Aside from this little annoyance, i love the ski. It pulls hard from 35-60 and turns quite well. Thanks in advance for any input

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    What youíre describing is normal for a stock R12x Honda. If you want to eliminate the cavitation buy a Solas 17/29 impellor.


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    Thanks for the quick response Nitro. Will order an impeller soon. Any idea on who has the best price? Impros?

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    Google it . The question is why can ship it the quickest. Impros has them in stock i wouod think but alot of internet sites do drop shipping and some take foreverto ship!

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    good to know, thanks

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    Put the solas on yesterday and tried it out today. Not very impressed. It solved the cavitation in a straight line (still feels like it wants to cavitate or isnt pulling efficiently but isnt really choppy like before) but when i spin it around or come out of a turn it still cavitates like crazy. I thought the impeller was supposed to solve this? Anything else to check? Intake grate looks fine (although at these speeds i doubt the intake grate has much effect) and the inside of the pump looked fine as well. Kinda pissed. I love this thing other than the cavitation but if this keeps up then it may be for sale soon.

    And for those who think these have a wet ride... go ride a 300x... got to ride one today (2011 LX model) and it was much wetter than the r12x

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    Not looking at power and speed as much as ride ATM.

    But i had bad cavitation after i pulled jet pump off and during reinstall rubber nose seal became crooked.
    Probably because too much grease in impeller spline cavity.
    Photos attached the impeller damage occured after the rubber seal was reinstalled correctly and it helped a lot.
    Lik e got rid of 80% of cavitation

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	impeller seal sml.JPG 
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Name:	impellor te damage sml.JPG 
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    Quote Originally Posted by NitroShark View Post
    What you’re describing is normal for a stock R12x Honda. If you want to eliminate the cavitation buy a Solas 17/29 impellor.

    ? Shawn we all know you did a lot of testing on impeller so what size are you running right now ?

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    Im not shawn but im finding that the clearance between impeller and warering is a big factor to cavitation. Stock prop on mine had a out .010-.014 " clearance on each side of prop.
    Now a race spec pump has .005 on each side
    The solus is about .008 on each side .
    So i sent a nib prop to impros to have it repitched and the o.d. inlarged to .004 so it could ware in to a tight tollerance.
    Worked like a charm it still cavitates for a sec in turns and launch but it reduced my cavitation by 90%!

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