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    OMG...What is wrong here...2010 RXTX Bolts won't let go.

    Ok...I have done this a dozen times on this boat, and on countless others. The entire bucket and everything else has been removed, but can NOT get the main bolts that hold the nozzle to tighten or loosen. Only bolts with no backing, they are in a black plastic molding. Is it possible to strip these out??? I was not the last one to put it back together... Thanks. Will post pictures within a couple min...just have to stop bashing my head into the wall.

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    Yes, there are brass inserts in a PLASTIC housing on the inside of the hull - you have stripped them out, like many of us have done!

    Left side requires you to remove iBS motor, right side requires removing that battery. Find the problem fitting, grab it with vice grips then you can remove the bolt.

    Order new mounting brackets and then don't over tighten again.

    I did this to the right side.....
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    Thanks for info!!! That is what I was worried about...but now I know how to move forward.

    Thanks again.

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    The last time I talked to my dealer he said he has stripped just about everyone that he has touched...he swears by using loctite and that doesn't help getting the bolts out at a later time. Then Seadoo gives him a hard time about replacing them under warrenty(go figure). I bought a set just for back up...

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    well crap... i slathered mine up with blue locktight and tightened them till they firmed up/hit that wall where the torque you have to apply goes up and you can feel them tighten up, hopefully they come back apart one day if i need them too. granted was only using a 5-6" long socket wrench to firm them up and didn't crush anything on the ibr motor side.

    i feel like seadoo could have spent $500 on better solutions than these across the ski's and avoided many of the issues that have given them a poor reliability rep.

    hell they could have a "disable ibr- neutral trim" setting so you could lock it out and never get stranded assuming you could move the motor to neutral and lock it out if it started getting fussy, that's basically free software changes to code in next time they are digging around under the hood of the electronics with the computer engineers.

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