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    Red face 2007 Yamaha VX

    I'm looking at a 2007 Yamaha VX, but was wondering if 110 HP is enough power for two adult riders? Plus,we would want to pull grown children on a tube or ski's. Thoughts? Also, this ski comes with a security system and not sure if they adds a lot to the value.

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    You will probably be happier with a FXHO. I've tried pulling a large kid on a tube on the VX with an adult passenger, and it gets a little squirrely. I've also pulled 2 teenage kids on a tube behind one, and it can be done, but its much easier with the FXHO. Plus if you have grown children they will be very bored with the speed of the VX (my kids are bored with the speed of my FXHO, but I wouldn't want them going any faster).

    The security system is actually pretty cool, because it also alows you to lock the ski in "slow" mode to really put the brakes on the kids. I also use it to lock the ski when we park at several restaruants around our lake. Otherwise anyone with a lanyard could go for a ride. It comes on many of the Yamaha models. I doubt the security system adds much to the value, but its nice to have.

    My advise is to shop for a pre-2009 FXHO. They can be found for a $1000 or so more than the VX models.

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