hi everyone im new to the jet ski world but not new to the two stroke. i recently had a 1995 yamaha waveraider that i traded for a 1988 kawi 550 and a 1993 kawi 650 sx
. my father in law gave me a 1989 550 for parts but its also gonna get built into a runner. ive been told so many times that they are hard to learn, never doubted them but i had to see for myself, and oh boy did i yesterday. never got all the way up but i got close, gonna keep at it though. but on my 550 it seems like the bilge pump isnt working cause when i got home yesterday there was still about an inch or so of water in the engine compartment, but man this thing is quick! its got a high comp westcoast head and pistons but not sure what else, what fuel/mixture/oil do you guys run in these things? previous owner didnt have much info for me mostly cause the language barrier (he was ukrainian).