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    Thumbs up 1st time buyer...please help - Yamaha or Sea Doo

    I have never purchased a jet ski, but have friends that telll me Yamaha and Sea Doo are the best. I have a chance to purchase a 2007 Sea Doo GTX 4-tec for $4500. It has less than 60 hours and appears (pictures I have seen) to be in great shape. Is Yamaha that much better than Sea Doo or are they close? Which gets better gas effeciency?

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    Since your on the yamaha side we will all say yamaha, but only because its true! lol

    Anyway the Yamaha VX is the most fuel efficienant ski out there, but its a slow 53 mph top speed. If you want good gas mileage, 60 mph and good hole shot get the Yamaha FXHO, 18 gallons of gas can take 120 miles or so. I happen to love mine.

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    You're asking a bunch of Yamaha owners if you should get a Sea-doo or a Yamaha? What do you think the answer is going to be? But seriously, I've had Yams and I have had Kawi's. Been skiing for darn nearly 20 years. Love them both. They all have differences. My yami gets good gas mileage which is kind of an oxymoron..I mean, how can you say it gets good gas mileage when you can suck a 20gal tank down in one afternoon? My b/f's Kawi has a ton of storage! We can stick camping equipment and coolers in his but you'll be lucky to stick an extra life vest on mine. Just depends on you I suppose. I've had friends with Sea-doos and personally, I wouldn't own one if I got it for free. (I'd sell it and get a Yamaha!) Just my 2cents worth from a gal that loves to jetski but my advice is to really read the posts on this forum. Take into consideration, for example, if you plan to do the maintenance yourself--how easy is it to work on? does it only take premium gas? Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for-

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    The GTX is bullet proof! I know as one of my friends who come to the island with me got one with close to 400 hours!
    Hull design is horrible though! He has a wet ride and the thing is squirlly!

    For lake it is a fun ski!

    I think price is high for that ski considering they sell about $7k or below brand new!!

    Now the VX is also bullet proof and perhaps offers better ride than the GTX! Reliability both are extremely high! and GTX is fuel efficient! We ride about 60 miles and he fills up from 9 to 10 gallon depending how rough the water was!

    Correction: The model I meant to say was GTI! not GTX! In case of GTX and VX, I would take VX for reliability over GTX!

    Quote Originally Posted by golfgibson View Post
    I have never purchased a jet ski, but have friends that telll me Yamaha and Sea Doo are the best. I have a chance to purchase a 2007 Sea Doo GTX 4-tec for $4500. It has less than 60 hours and appears (pictures I have seen) to be in great shape. Is Yamaha that much better than Sea Doo or are they close? Which gets better gas effeciency?

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    I've never owned a Sea-Doo/BRP product, but from what I'm told they're pretty dang reliable however they are more complex which means you're less likely to be able to work on them yourself and instead have to take them to a shop if you have issues.

    I'm on my 3rd Yamaha product now (Can't comment on the 3rd one yet as I literally just bought it), but the other Yamaha I currently have runs like a champ and is really well designed. Of course, it's also a 1994 2-stroke, but it still fires right up. My first Yamaha was a YTZ250 Tri-Z 3-wheeler, sold that a few years back but it too ran like a champ and it was a 1985 model!

    I've also had Honda and Kawasaki products over the years, the Kawasakis have easily been the most troublesome of anything. The Hondas were very reliable, but since Honda is out of the PWC game they're not very desirable due to parts/service availability.

    In any case, both the Yamaha and Sea-doo should provide hundreds of hours of trouble-free operation if they've been and continue to be properly maintained. Personally, I would say go with the Yamaha. I'm biased, but only because I've had nothing but good luck with them.

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    Thanks, Georgia Girl. I'm a native Savannahian now living in Charleston. I posted something similar on the Sea Doo site and no one is replying. I just want to make the best decision, which is starting to sound like a Yamaha!

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    Yahooligan, your loyality to Yamaha speaks volumes. Thanks.

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    firstly welcome to the forum. yamaha is definately the more reliable , everyone i know with a sea doo has had problems with it , but the yamahas just keep going and going. there reliability is legendary.

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    Back in 2007 when I was first looking to get a ski......I was going to go for the GTX. After reading many posts on several forums, I changed my mind & went for an FXHO cruiser. Over 300 hrs now...........apart from service items, everything is still original & still in very good problems what so ever!
    My friend went for the 07 GTX......has now done around 65 hrs........was off the water last summer for 4 weeks due to parts not being available.
    You pay your money & take your choice........I am totally happy with Yamaha.

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    Ive had a Polaris, 2 Kawi Ultra150's, an RXP and now my FZR. Enjoy my FZR the most!

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