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    Freedom 700 starting/ electrical questions

    Inherited a 2002 Polaris freedom 700 Red top motor with an unknown amount of hours on it. It had been sitting winterized for 2.5 yrs and had supposedly run ok before being winterized.

    I did the typical drain fuel, new plugs , new battery thats fully charged, carb cleaner in the carb, check fuel/water seperator etc.

    It briefly started then died. I referred to the polaris knowledge articles and tried to diagnose the problem but honestly i'm confused. I pulled the black/yellow wire in the electrical box and it fired up then died. Replaced wire then it started up and ran, since i dont have water connected to it i shut it down. Went to restart and it wouldnt. Also noticed that when it briefly was running the lanyard wouldnt kill the motor.

    Pulling the plugs individually and grounding them on motor shows no spark.

    Two questions

    Where do i go from here? I have reason to believe its either the CDI or the LR but i have no positive confirmation.

    Considering the age/model/ unknown history, is it worth investing money into this ski? I know this is a Polaris section but i also inherited a Kawasaki STX1100 that is modified and i was able to get running, but im not sure how far i should take either one before deciding to just sell one or both off.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give a complete picture of whats going on.

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    Figured a part of this problem out. The previous owner/dealership made their own service bulletin update for the cdi wire and used a small different colored wire. That wire melted/burnt out inside and was not making a connection. Replaced wire and it fired right up.

    Unfortunately now the jet ski will start with or without the lanyard in place. And pulling the lanyard does nothing to interrupt the engine.

    Any thoughts/ideas as to what this could be? Anything is much appreciated

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    I am not familiar with your ski, so keep that in mind while reading this....

    On the Fuji skis, The stop switch / lanyard is a normally closed connection which applies a ground to the CDI via the blk/y wire without a tether. When the tether is inserted, the switch is opened, removing the ground, allowing the CDI to fire. The blk/y terminal on the circuit board should have two blk/y wires connected to it. One from the CDI, one from the harness attaching to the kill switch. The kill switch should be grounded. If any of these links are broken, the ski will start and the kill switch will not stop it. You would think the kill switch would work the other way so that any breaks in the path would prevent start, but it is not that way on the Fuji skis. I would trace the wiring. A pic of the open ebox might help also.......

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    Thank you for the reply,
    If i remember correctly my ski is wired the same way as yours. I will post a pic of the Ebox and verify the connections tonight. I know there is a decent amt of corrosion on/near the LR-505 regulator but the fact that the ski is atleast starting/running is progress.

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    I believe the LR 505 also controls the stop function. That could be the problem.

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