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    99 genesis ficht piston melt

    Center cylinder piston melted next to exhaust port. pieces of broken rings are imbeded in top of piston. WHY? Now for the history. I have owned it for 9 years. Ran great till sping of 2011 ( as long as I replaced plugs every year). Lost spark. Found crank sensor shorted. sensor had dent in the bottom of it. Fly wheel had a couple chipped teeth. Pretty sure a piece hit the sensor and killed it. Replaced sensor and flywheel.(new sensor, used flywheel) Still no spark. After many chats with you guys I sent emm to alabama and had it repaired. Back on the water we went. Total cost $800. Used it 2 months during summer till it started loosing power. #2 cylinder not pulling its own weight. I put it aside till now. Tried new plugs, no help. Swapped coil and injector with #1 cyl. problem stayed with #2. checked comp. #2 dead. pulled #2 head and found very bad things. Pulled other 2 heads, things looked not so bad. Pulled #2 jug and piston out. The piston seems to have eroded exactly next to the exhaust port taking out pieces of rings in that section. Showed it to my fellow auto techs. Most say overheating, detonation or lean. I took it to a pwc shop that does polaris. The tech says that the rings wear out, crack, get caught on exhaust port and take out the piston. I like his answer but don't really buy it. I don't want to rebuild the top end and have this happen again in a couple months because I didn't find the cause. My son did turtle this thing. Maybe water got to the piston. The polaris tech said to scrap it but the ski looks almost new and I surely can't buy another one for $600. So, Any ideas as to what may have caused this? Thanks for any advice I can get. Ralph

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    Were you running it with the injectors swapped? You can't do that with these injected motors. Each injector is mapped to the EMM and changing them around can cause a lean burn down. Melting by the exhaust port is definitely a lean condition. Check your fuel pressure to make sure you haven't lost pressure due to a regulator issue. Air leaks will cause a lean condition as well. My understanding of these injected motors is that they run right on the edge of being too lean, and any air leak could cause a big problem. Hopefully someone with more experience on these machines can chime in.

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    I only ran it in the shop with the injector swapped to see if the problem moved to another cylinder. I will check fuel pressure but I still wonder why just one piston burned

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    1999 injectors are not mapped they are made exact i have a 1999 with 198 hrs it burn #1 at 150 and I replaced all three pistons its done great for almost 50 hrs sometimes it happens.So I seem to think the Tech might be right on his thinking.PS I put coated pistons back in.

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