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    Rxt/gtx aftermarket waterboxes

    So ive been looking around and im curious, is there a performance gain with putting in a a.m waterbox? i have a 2008 seadoo gtx wake 215... i know there are tdr riva and i think r and d? can someone post a video of how your ski sounds? also do you have a freeflow as well with the a.m water box? im planning on doing a stage one kit and my ski already runs 68.2mph with 200 hrs and a hull tank of gas so im looking to get more speed and throttle response out of this


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    Easiest way to speed up your GTX would be to replace your supercharger with xcharger and 42# injectors

    By far the best bang for buck improvement you could make.

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    i just did a supercharger rebuild on my ski so really not looking to getting a different one

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