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    Cool 2003 Yamaha GP800R - first time buyer

    I have never owned a jetski before, but have driven one on several occasions. I have two daughters that will be 17 and 20 this summer that will be the primary users of this watercraft. This is Yamaha ski is being offered to me for $3000, but I'm not sure if it's a good deal or not. Nor do I know if this would be suitable for young drivers. Pictures and the you-tube posted for this ski are very impressive with little wear and tear. I'm not all that concerned with speed, but also don't want something that bogs down when two people are on it. Also, don't know the pros and cons of a 2 stroke vs 4. I welcome all comments.

    "This Yamaha GP800R Waverunner is a high performance personal watercraft that has been extremely well maintained and garage kept. It can reach speeds of 60+ mph and has only 52 hours on it. It has been flushed religiously after each usage and has been only driven by a mature adult which happens to be me."

    Engine Specifications:
    Quantity: 1
    Horse Power: 120
    Type: Gasoline
    Displacement (CCs): 784

    Hull Material
    Sheet Molded Compound



    Net Weight
    590 lbs

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    well im kinda new to this game myself. i'd say 3000 isnt a total ripoff or the steal of the centuary. the ski looks pretty good. not sure if you noticed but the top layer of the mats are peeling on it. so that means about $80 worth of hydroturf and an evning worth of elbow greece to get the old ones off and the new ones on. i bought a 97xll1200 and a 03 gp1300r on a nice 06 double trailer for $1500. both were in good condition with 70 hours on each. the xll was just sold to a budy for 2000. we looked around on prices and found people selling them from 1250 to 3300 so we settled on 2k. since you have 2 daughters i'd look around for a pair of something

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    sounds like an air leak or running lean, Hear how the idle is just running away.

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    Id keep lookin, something just dosnt sound right. In the long run, you will wish you had 2 skis as well.

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