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    yamaha vx

    hello i have a vx cruiser and i already made a custom exhaust but for a power filter what kind of tubing do i need to get and filter? thanks

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    The top link is my ski the second link is the induction pipe you need and the third link is the Air Filter I would recommend that you use these links, good luck and post pics when you are done .......

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    i got parts from advance auto parts for the intake I'm waiting to get shipped the 90 degree elbow for the exhaust. but i found all water and oil in the intake and oil in the throttle body.
    tell me if the intake is far up enough. I'm goin to cover the filter with a cover that i use on my fzs that has a power filter its a little sleeve that blocks water.

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    fixed the pics
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    Personally I would make the pipe longer, mine is up as far as it can go and you will need a pre filter/filter cover and you will need to attach the filter to the straps on the fuel tank otherwise the pipe will bounce all over the place, I used Cable Ties to secure it in place, put padding under the filter too thers NO movement what so ever. I would also remove the old OEM air filter box, no need for it now it just gets in the way plus when its gone thers loads of room to remove water and so on. You will also need to attach the breather hose to the induction pipe or else add a catch can thats what I did, have a look at my pics as a guide.......
    Just in relation what you said about oil in the TB, sounds like you over filled the oil and it got pushed back into the TB via the breather hose hence why I fitted a Catch can, a simple and cost effective mod that stops that from happening, have a look at my thread and you can see where I fitted mine. With the OEM Air Box gone thers no place for the oil to go if you over fill the ski as the OEM box acted as a Catch Can a lad on this site asked why I fitted a Can as my Ski is Non Aspirated, thers your answer )))) prevention is better than cure !

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    but the person who rides it isnt goin to be wave jumping and sumerging the ski underwater usallly tht ski stayes very dry underneath. most waves thel see is in the bay from boats and rite off the ocean

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    That's what I did to my ski, its totally up to you what you want to do with yours !

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