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    '12 PX Singe Use adjustable sponsoon bolts

    I was reading the owners manual the other night and it says the bolts for the adj. sponsoons are single use adhesive bolts. Are you guys buying new bolts everytime you adjust the sponsoons? I haven't adjusted or priced replacements yet, but wanted to see what your guys suggestions are? Is there a diffeent route to go that will not require a new bolt everytime I adjust them? There kind of critical, so I don't want them moving, etc.

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    I read that also, but as of right now I have no plans on changing the sponson position.

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    I ride 2 up most of the time, but would like to put it in the agressive position to try out and see the difference when riding 1up

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    If it's like a few bucks for the bolt kit, I don't mind, but its crazy if I have to pay $25 for everytime I want to change them out. I would hope BRP was thinking this through when they made the bolts single use??

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    I never read that part of the manual and i change them to RACE position at 2hrs...
    I used the same bolts (they came with locktite) and i already have 20hrs on it, 1 race and all looks perfect...
    However, you will not see many difference on RACE position if you use it for playing around..., the big difference its when you enter a buoy and make a turn aggressively.
    If something happens with the bolts, i will post it here....

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    I assumed they were normal bolts with loctite, I guess you could always apply some fresh blue loctite on them. Will try it out when the GF isn't riding with me...

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    I just changed mine. Used the same bolts and added blue loctite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superman View Post
    I just changed mine. Used the same bolts and added blue loctite.
    You saved $130

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    They are just regular bolts, use some blue loctite to secure them.
    BRP probably saying to replace them with new because it come with pre-apply adhesive.
    It is probably to save their ass in case of an accident due to bad installation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superman View Post
    I just changed mine. Used the same bolts and added blue loctite.
    That wasnt loctite. It was blue koolaid

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