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    Finally! Bought a 2010 RXT-X!

    Yes, I got one.. but first, the background.

    Almost 20 years ago, I was about 12 years old and a friend of my dad's hosted parties at his lake house on Lake Murray, SC. Among his many toys were two jet skis, a yamaha and another that I don't recall. I rode "the red one" because it looked really cool. I remember sitting patiently with my dad when we'd arrive at the parties because I didn't want to be too rude and immediately ask to ride the guy's skis.. Finally, my dad would say it's okay and I'd go ask if I could ride them. Of course, he always said yes. In hindsight, he must have been a hell of a guy because I'd have a tough time letting someone's kids play with any of my expensive toys that I have now. The ski looked just like this:

    I didn't ride for several years until I was in high school and a girlfriend's parents had a pair.. I remember 150hp models were the big dogs and they had a brand new yamaha (don't recall the model, but was around 1999 or 2000). We had a blast riding in the surf around Myrtle Beach, SC.

    The only ski I've ridden in the last 12 years, since that time in HS, was later in college when a buddy had a few seadoo's up on Lake Hartwell in the upstate of SC. Again, don't recall the models, but I remember he was bitching about how big the "new" (this was in 2003-4) 3 seat PWC's were, and he preferred their old 2 seater seadoo from the mid 90s, even though it only had 90hp or so.

    Since then, about 8 years ago, I haven't ridden. Zero. Zilch. How bad is that? In that time, I've had 2 motorcycles and 11 cars, been over 150mph in 4 of those vehicles, had an impromtu race with a Bugatti on a remote Texas highway on one of them, and done some other interesting things in airplanes around the world, but no fun on the water.

    Well that streak ended today. I've been considering a PWC for some time now, read countless reviews, posts, forums, and youtube videos, and made the purchase today.

    After almost buying a lightly used 2006 RXP, I found a 2010 RXT-X at a local dealer. It was purchased in 2011 new and essentially sat for a year. The guys at the store showed me the information they pulled from the ski, and it had evidently been run for only a few minutes (4, to be exact), never revved over idle. The hour meter shows 0 right now. They gathered that a local guy bought it as a present for his kid who never rode it. Right now, it has a BEST warranty until July 2015. They went ahead and did the 2 (or 10?) hour service while it was in their possession.

    I got it for $9900 out the door.. including a trailer, cover, few other extras, sales tax, and registration fee for SC. Considering it is a new ski other than on paper and has over 3 years left on the warranty, I think it was a good buy.

    Ironically, I'm off work tomorrow (my job is very much 730-4 every day), so the fun will start around 8am when I hit the river and head out to Charleston Harbor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congrats...Great deal... you will love it


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    Great story....

    I actually thought you were going to say that you bought the old ski as well.

    Good luck

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    ride it like you stole it!!! raceneked's Avatar
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    FANTASTIC DEAL!!!! should be so very happy with your new acquisition!

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    Very sharp, I was all for a 10 or 11 rxp, until the '12 came out!! Love the tradaitional yellow/black....

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    Thanks for the comments..

    Wound up riding this afternoon - It was 65 out, so a bit chilly but it wasn't going to stop me from having some fun.

    Successfully got it off & back on the trailer with no drama, though figuring out exactly how forward/neutral/reverse worked while backing the ski off the trailer for the first time (ever) was a bit awkward.. I am *very* glad I got a ski with these features.

    I had reservations about buying it because of all the talk about high fuel burn, but am very glad I opted for this one. I spent most of the time cruising around the harbor at 30-40mph burning 4-6gph.. much better than I had envisioned after reading all the 1-2hr run times until empty stories...

    Will be back out on the water this weekend, and will have a wetsuit for sure..

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    Congrats on your 3 seat couch! Unbelievable price - well done.

    The "Touring Mode" actually works very well on long sight seeing cruising for gas mileage.

    And yes I can drain the tank in about 1.2 hours at full throttle and 80+ mph!!!!

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    Nice. I've been looking to upgrade from my 06 RXT. If I could find a deal like that, I would! For me, the first time I was on a jet ski was when I was 18. I went on a trip with a friend to Florida (gulf coast) and we rented some yami skis. I fell in love with it right then. We both ended up buying jet skis a couple years later. Another friend also ended up buying a 99 polaris. I bought an 01 GTX. In 2008 I upgraded to my now current '06 RXt. Unfortunately, both friends sold their ski. Now I have no one to ski with. My neighbors have a boat so my girlfriend and I go out with them, but it's different when you're riding with a boat. In fact, I even started my own jet ski club (Rum Runners). I had shirts made and everything! It's sad. I'm the only one in the club with a ski! I gave shirts to my friends and my girlfriend accepted a pity

    It's great if you have people to ride with. I'm trying to talk my buddy into buying one again, but now he's in the process of buying a restaurant.

    I gotta keep my eye out for a great deal.

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    AWESOME! Great story and great stuff!!! Congratulations on your purchase and bringing back the fun memories and setting yourself up for more!!!!!

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    I'm jealous! I started looking for a '10. Best price in the short look $11.9 before tax and whatever. Had to settle for the '06 RXP, you were thinking about! Haha! Oh well. There's always next year, or the yr after......congrats!

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