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    Water temperature - Cold seize risk?

    I was talking to a local service shop today about a few things and was mentioning that I'm probably going to have my GP1200 out in the coming weeks for it's pre-purchase test run. They cautioned me that since (AFAIK?) the GP1200 doesn't have a thermostat that I should be extremely careful to warm up the engine properly and fully before even considering anything over 50% throttle due to the water temps in the lakes around here still being only a few degrees above freezing. It'll probably be another 3 weeks or so before I get in the water, but I don't expect it to be a lot warmer.

    It got me to cold is too cold for an older 2-stroke engine without a thermostat without risking engine damage? ]

    Part of the test ride will be a WOT run to ensure that everything is working as it should. I plan to spend 10 or 15 minutes at low to mid-low throttle warming everything up beforehand, but it's got me thinking now that going from a warmed up state to WOT could rapidly cool the engine and perhaps cause issues?

    I've seen a few pics around here of people riding with ice still on the water so one would conclude that it's not a huge concern, but I thought I'd ask nonetheless.

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    It is more about just getting on it from a dead start. It happens in the heat too. Wissco piston are notorious for cold seize because they are forge. Casts piston or art piston are not as bad. Had a Friend cold seize there snowmobile last month from racing off from a dead stop. What a moron. Someone might have more info on cold water. But it would have to be pretty cold I think.

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