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    Any one know where I can get some parts?

    So I have a 94 wave raider that I was cleaning up this weekend. I was restoring the plastic on it with 50/50 mix of boiled linseed oil and paint thinner and its turned out great!!! BUT while I was cleaning and restoring everything I noticed that one of my stock sponsons is cracked and busted on the bottom. Anyone know where I can get another one? or perhaps a reasonably priced after market set? Thanks

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    by using paint thinner you are wearing that upper plastic away and eventually wear it thru.. there is a better way..use the heat gun method and your stuff will look new again..(check search I've posted the 'how to' a few times) most of the raIder guys swear on aftermarket sponsons to make a world of difference in a raiders handling.. beach house or Rn'D would be what I'd look for

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    I've got a nice set of red ones from a 1100 raider

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    I do know about the heat gun trick and was actually using one on my other raider but decided to try the linseed and thinner was like night and day compared to the gun. I thought the point of the thinner was to strip a layer of plastic off and then the oil would protect and restore the plastic? Is this not what im doing? I dont want to harm my skis but I was just really impressed by the thinner/oil trick.

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    It works for you and loosing that layer prob wont hurt ( dont want to guess how many times thou..) the linseed oil is replacing the lost oils...those will wash off eventally in the water..I like the heat gun as it helps close up the surface of the plastic..As with anything you do, eventally nothing is going to help bring it back ..I also spray mine with 656 marine so adding oils doesnt seem to hurt its surface structure..

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    I'm also looking for a impeller....YB-SC-X0 Impeller, Solas X-Prop, 15.5-18.5 is what im looking at and after doing some research this seems to be the pitch and size I would want in a 94 700 wave raider. Does this seem right or am I missing the mark here?

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    Heat gun works wonders!!!!!!!! Love it! My best friend on old skis. IMPORTANT: clean the plastic really good before baking or you will imbed it into the plastic.

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