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    Waveblaster ignition problems

    So i bought a 1994 wave blaster that is completely stock except for me converting it to premix. When i bought it, the p.o. gave me reciepts on a new coil, cdi, plug wires and switch all installed by a shop a month ago, wich was all done after the ski lost spark after it capsized. I figured it was all good and took it out for the first time and had a blast on it for about 20 minutes on it until i capsized it. It fired for about 2 seconds after i got back on it, then shut back off and would not restart. I pulled the plugs thinking i swamped the engine but quickly found no water. I cranked it over, and once again, it lost spark. I havnt pulled it apart to see what happened yet, but i have a feeling something got wet.

    Where is a good place to start testing and what kind of numbers should i be looking for as far as ohms, volts, etc when testing the coil, cdi, etc? What can i do to make sure that this dosnt happen again because its a shame to have to tow back a ski that runs so great otherwise .

    If you guys could give me some insight, that would be great.


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    The start/stop switch would be a good place to start, especially since its probably the only part that really got wet. You can search to find a wiring diagram on here. There are 3 switches inside that handle, and a problem with any will cause a no start. Track the harness down to the back of the motor, there are two plugs there that connect the handle harness to the electic box. Check those connections also. We go a bargain on our 94 blaster from a dealer who could not get it to run reliably so sold it to us at a great deal. They had replaced the stator, coil, ect. I found it to be a bad contact in the handle switches, bought a new one and have been running great for 6 yrs or so.

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    So I pulled the ski back out and what would you know, I had spark again. I tried firing it and it was really hard to get to run and did fire back up, ran like garbage for a few seconds and cleaned up before i shut it back down. I took the handle bar switch off and put it in a bucket of water an it still started without hesitation. I then sprayed the electrical box with a hose for a good 10 minutes until the engine bay was about half full and water was touching the box, and once again, it fired off and ran fine. So im thinking that maybe it had spark and i just couldnt see it in the bright sun? Im wondering if maybe it sucked in just a little water even though i rolled it the right way, and it just wasnt enough to make the plugs wet. Does this sound possible? I think im just gonna have to go ride it again and flip it intentionally and see what happens.

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    Its not that the switch is full of water, its that there is probably corrosion internal to its contacts, and thats why it sometimes works great, and sometimes doesn't. I have had a couple of older Yamahas that have had simular symptoms, and it was two times the handle switch, and the other was a broken spark plug wire, the metal wire was broken inside the rubber cover and you could not see it. The spark was yellow and weak, boat would run fine sometimes and others it would only run on one. The wire break was about 2 inches outside the electical box.

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    I think the switch is new or was replaced when the previous guy had problems with it, because the outer case looks brand new as well as all of the contacts as well inside. I completely had the switch submerged in a bucket of water for minutes and it fired up and ran perfectly fine so im guessing its not there. I sprayed the electrical box down and filled the hull with water but the thing still ran fine. I think im just gonna have to wait a week or 2 for the water to warm up a little more and just go ride it and intentionaly capsize it and see what happens. Im really hopeing that it just sucked a little water in beause the back 2 bolts of the air cleaner/snorkel were missing and it wasnt sealing and that i just couldnt see the spark because it was real bright, but in my heart im guessin that you are on to something and it is electrical. After i run it in a few weeks I will bring this thread back to life and let you know what happens. Thanks for the thoughts.

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