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    EJK electronic jet kit testing on gpr

    OK let me start by saying I have read the when do I need a EFI controller thread like 5 times, and I have used the search feature.

    I ordered the riva fuel controller and it seems that they have done away with the analog pot tuner for this digital one that is very very similar to the powershot. Like in the title now riva will send you the EJK gen 3. I do know that it is made by the same company that makes the Powershot, but IDK if the software is exactly the same.

    anyways after 3 days of testing here is where I am at for the moment
    idle 3.5, mid 3.5, wot 1.5/idle rpm range 1,mid rpm range .5, wot rpm range .5

    with these settings the tuner is shifting into the mid range at 3000 rpm and shifting into the wot rpm range at 6000 and I am seeing 7100-7130 rpm's

    I have read that on the powershot you want the wot to kick in at around 5500 rpm's, but I cant seem to be able to get the ejk to go that low (any thoughts or suggestions?)
    Also shouldnt I be seeing higher rpms than 7100-7130@69.2mph(gps) buzzer? and I think my speed is lacking a bit also
    todays conditions air temp was 66* and water was 59* with 3-5 inches of chop
    SO any ideas or insight on the tuner??
    MODS on 03 gpr
    tiny tach (single wrap around all 3 plug wires set at 120*)
    d plate/chip
    ff tube
    5* keyway
    150 psi head
    HO pump/ceramic bearings
    dynafly setback pitched to 14/24
    1200 grate
    85 mm nozel
    stock tabs filled and smooth
    stock ride plate shimmed (r&D 1200 plate on the way)
    seat air flow mod
    gutted air box
    vf3 reeds with stock stuffers (ground in correctly)
    standard oil injection pluss adding 1oz. of oil per gallon into the 93 octane gas
    standard plugs that yama calls for and a 6'4" 230 lb rider
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    dude give it up the ra tards here dont know jack about 2strokes . Its sad everyone is so selfish these days .

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