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    Impeller install bizarre problem.

    Woohoo first post/ hello everyone

    Ok, i got a used Skat-Trak 14-17 impeller from a guy on ebay a few weeks ago for my '88 650sx and it doesnt fit. He said it "came from a 88 650sx." It threads on the pump shaft and torques down fine, spins in the wear ring with awesome clearance, and is in great overall condition. I went to install the pump to the hull and the holes wont line up to mount it. The whole assembly sits back about 3/8" too far to line up. After realizing this, i noticed that the splines of the Skat start about 3/8" farther forward than the OEM one. So putting two and two together, thats the problem. Did they really design this impeller with a different spline dimension than the stock one? Has anyone else had this problem? I work during their "convenient" 1-4pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday "tech line" hours and cant really call them.

    If anybody has any insight on what seems to be the problem, or if it is infact some bizarre scenario I'd appreciate the help!

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    I have read about some of the impellers with different size hubs,they use a spacer..

    Also i think the prop of choice is a 9/17 for a 650..unless you have a ton of HP

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    Google the prop part #

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    Maybe you have a 550 impeller,that is the rec.prop for a 550 on the skat track website

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    Just pulled it back out of the pump. The only numbers on it are 4-7 Skat-Trak USA

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    your right about the 550 one. perhaps the ebay guy was wrong (or knew it)

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    sounds like you have a 750 impeller. ( the 550 one would not fit in your pump, they are totally different).

    750 has the same threads, and O.D., BUT the set back spacing is different. it would sit too far forward in your pump, and not allow you to slide your pump forward enough to mount.


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    i actually just found that out. i looked at my friends 750sx and sure enough it was the exact same thing. so i bought different one

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