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    I rebuilt a hurricane for a customer and took it for a test ride. (havent ridden one since 96)

    Holy fook! it was a lot of fun to ride!!!!!

    They may look like they were styled by Ronald McDonald but they turn surprisingly nicely!

    So............ My question is................Has anyone overpowered one of these until they are silly???

    The engine bay is huge. I'm thinking kawi U150 or seadoo 951 based engine???

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    Member K447 has a Hurricane with a Polaris 1200 shoehorned in the hull. I'm not sure how it runs, but I'm sure that rips quite nicely.


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    Right now the 'cane isn't running. When it was running it would porpoise, so we're changing the ride plate along with some other mods that K is doing for me. Looking forward to riding it this season and I'll let you know how it turns out.

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