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    Wtt Advent

    I got an advent with a set of speedwerx tripple pipes and i was told two of the curves were for factory Pipe tripples and two were for speedwerx tripples. Well come to find out by talking to advent they are all four Factory tripple curves. So if anyone has the same problem as me I would be willing to do a swap. My curves are 44, 61, 67, 113. Or i will just have to send it in and get new curves.

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    If i can suggest, you should decide or get someone to hep you decide, which curve it is you should use for your application.

    There are a dozen or more curves floating around that were designed for FP and another dozen or so for Speedwerx. But there is nothing that prevents you from using any curve on any motor set-up. The real issue is what you want the timing map to look like for your specific application (ie for your motor set-up, fuel octane, and intended use)

    It may be for your application, even with the speedwerx pipes, that a FP curve, maybe even a curve you already have, might be ideal.

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    Thanks for you reply philip, here is my setup: I want to use 93 octane. Not looking for a full out race setup.

    Lowell 1390 cylinders ported for tripples
    Gas valves
    oem milled head 150 psi.
    speedwerx tripples
    oem carbs

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    I am not the person to answer this one, does anyone else know what curves would be good for this application ?

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    What curves did Lowell suggest with this porting?

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    Bill, I havent talked to lowell, but im gonna give him a call. If anyone has any info to share it would be appriciated. Thanks
    P.s Bill, if you want to move this too the 2-stroke performance section that will work. Thanks

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