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    Salom Races Tips, Turns Aproach?

    Well I did some searching here and was not able to find some tips arround Salom races and some tips arround how to aproach a Bowie and do the turns. Since I'm really new and a Salom race is coming soon. I'm planning on having my first experience with my Stock RXP in the Newbee stock Salom Class(If there is such a thing). Need some tips and advice on the Turns aproach. I started by waching some salom races in You tube, Notice some start the turn upright and then Sit and recline to the side while still punching it, The best ones I saw don't ever do a Sweep, but they keep on riding while turning. Will Practice on the Bowie this saturday but any tips are welcome., Videos also welcome as well. Drag racing is defenetly more easy, but will try the course.

    Found this Video, All the turns in this RXP are done sitting, and seems he is pushing the nose down before hitting the turns, Any Comments:
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