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    2000 gp1200r problem any clue?

    I was storing it for the winter and I took the cover off and there was oil all over the right side of the ski . any clue on what it is or wha.t the problem is. Thanks

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    Inside the ski or on the outer hull? If inside, just follow all of your oil lines from the tank to completion to see if one's disconnected. Maybe the tank was overfilled if you're in a warm climate and seeped. If it's on the outside, I want to live where you do if it rains oil! I could use some free fossil fuel. Good luck.


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    thanks it was inside and outside of the ski

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    One that old, you probably are dealing with oil lines that are dried out and pulling themselves off of fittings. They had a bad habit of doing that, this is the reason that so many people went to premix. Good thing it happened in your garage instead of while you were riding. I'd replace all the oil lines and use some quality clamps, or just get a block off kit and go premix.

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