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    Newbie introduction and basic questions

    Hello everbody, I am new to forum and PWC ownership. I pulled the trigger and bought a 2000 Virage TX and a 2001 Genesis (both non injected). They both have right at 100 hours total, always garaged and I know the original owners and history and there have been no issues with either ski from new. The questions I have are is there any watchouts on these skis? Does anybody have owners and service manuals for these skis they would be willing to email? I am in Southern California does anybody local have any reccomendations for parts, accesories etc in my area?

    While I am a rookie I am a quick study and have a pretty mechanical history with M/C etc...I look forward to learning from this forum and appreciate any help or suggestions in advance.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Somebody with experience in your skis will surely offer advice!

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    Thanks and glad to be here.

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    Welcome to the hulk.

    Make sure your batteries are good and strong, as they will not spark if under 10.6 volts WHILE CRANKING.

    Might be worth the hassle to replace the fuel and oil hoses due to age alone. And any filters as well.

    Take a look through the tech section to get familiarized with the skis you bought. They both have the domestic (red) engines, so no need to bother reading anything pertaining to the (blue) Fuji engine as they are totally different.

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Take a look here > < for pretty much everything you need to know about your skis. You can find everything you mentioned there. Ignore any adult content warnings you might get, its clean. The page is courtesy of K447 which apperently has been up to his neck in work as of late. Cheers.

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    Well, I have both bad news and good news the 2001 Genesis ran all week without an issue. The 2000 Virage TX ran well for a bit. I was running up the Colorado river with my daughter (6) and her friend (9) and as we get to the parker dam it started feeling sluggish and weird. I headed to the nearest shore which was a little ways due to being next to dam. As I was travelling it was getting worse and 20' from shore I heard a pop and engine stopped. I swam girls to shore then brought ski over to inspect. the engine compartment hade quite a bit of water so I bilged it out. While bilging I noticed that the rear cylinder was broken completly around and various other not so good things. I am not sure the crank condition etc... Looks like 2 of the exhaust bolts loosened up and caused water to flood and sucked into the intake and didn't compress. Now it look like I have a project to rebuild a 1200 carb motor. The good thing is we made it too shore and nobody was hurt.
    Does anybody have any reputable reccomendations for contacts for machine shop? service work etc... in the So. Cal. area? I dont mind trying to do it myself but will probably need some help and machine work along the way. Also if anyone has suggestions for mail order rebuilt motors or used that is also wanted. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. This kind of sucks but it is what it is at this point.
    Thanks again

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