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    Buying 2 2006 FX HO's

    It's been a while since I sold my 250X. I am looking to buy 2 2006 FX HO Cruisers with about 100 hours each. Is there anything I need to look out for or check before I make the purchase? Need help and info but from looking at it at first I noticed that it seems easier to get to the basic maintenance stuff like locating the oil filter and how accessible the engine is. But since I am getting them used is there anything I need to know about them? I am going to buy a battery tomorrow and crank them up but do I need to get them into the water and run them? Thanks for the help.

    Here are a couple pictures...
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    Very reliable, great skis. What kind of deal are you getting?

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    I wouldn't buy them without running them on the water, if they don't hit about 58-60 something is not right. When i bought mine it needed new plugs so it would only run about 30, i had the guy change them out with me before i bought it just in case a plug broke off in the head it wasn't on me. After the new plugs it ran 60 no problem. You might want to pull the plugs just make sure none are stuck, i would hate to buy a ski and go through that kind of problem.

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    Those skis if they have been maintained properly are going to last you years! Mine is the black one in your picture! I only ride in ocean! WOT in chop as much as my body can take it! Crossing my finger, not a single issue to date!

    How much is he asking for them if you don't mind I'm asking!

    I agree run them on the water before you commit to buy. Everything shows itself under load better than on the hose!

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    I am getting both for 12K but now that I am ready, his brother who owns the black ski is changing his mind so I don't know what will happen. I already purchased a battery so I can run both just to make sure. If it doesn't go through I guess Ill just loose $130.

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    There is also another guy here who is selling a 2011 VX1100 Cruiser for 10K with 8 hours on it. This might be a better deal.

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    Just to give you an idea, i bought my 2006 FXHO in 2009 had 36 hours and i paid $5500.00 I don't know if i would want an vx the fx is a good bit faster, but hey it still has a warranty.

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    Where are you located? I have an 06 that I will be putting up for sale shortly.
    Also just FYI not many people know there is a recall on some water routing hoses. Doesnt matter if they are out of warranty or not bring them to a dealer and have it done. Its about 30 dollars in parts and should take them less than an hour to do both skies I believe.

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    You will like the ride of the FX HO skis better than the VX. If you have a wife or girl friend they will not like the bouncy, wet ride of the VX either.

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    The newer VX has a improved ride...

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