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    why is Polaris such a respected hull

    It seem that Polaris hulls seem to be very well respected? Are they built better than others? Just curious. Whats your take?

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    I guess it depends on the overall scope of "respected". Here in the Polaris area of the Hulk, we love them...... that's why we're here. They also did very well in the "regional" or "grassroots" type racing with some Professional wins too of course. However, on the grand scale of things I don't think anything is more respected than....

    Yamaha GPR hull
    Kawasaki STX-R hull
    Sea-Doo X-4 hull............. in no paticular order of course!!!

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    I'm not even sure there is a new hull out there faster than the GPR

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    I never thought Polaris hulls were any more respected than others but the Pro hulls were definitely unique. I bought my Pro1200 new in 2001 because I didn't like the Ultra 150 I had and I didn't like the RX hull that Sea-Doo was selling. After I rode the Pro a while I concluded that it handled just like a Sea-Doo X-4 hull only better and it had the power necessary to make it fun. I then rode a MSX which came out in 2003 and I couldn't wait to get off of that boat. So, each brand has dogs and winners.

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    Thanks guys, I was lurking in another forum and it was not a Polaris forum, but I saw more than a few good references to Polaris Hulls, thus the question.

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    Depends on what you're referring to.

    When i think Polaris, I think stable.

    All of the rec skis are quite steady, and makes for a fun/playful ride.

    The SL hull does get tipsy at slow speeds when riding 2 up, but the 3 seaters are rock solid.You can stand in 1 footwell on a Polaris 3 seater and it will not flip over.

    Hell, I sold a guy on Polaris brand by just doing that for him as an example.... He owned 2 older Sea Doo Xp's and they are tippy as all Hell. They even use to have contests to see who could re-mount the XP in deep water. LOL

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    Good thread about runabouts!
    In my very humble opinion...

    Earlier SL and SLT hulls... extremely playful. Fast for their power.
    Pro785. One of the best handling hulls for tight courses. Very lightweight. Early ones were fragile.
    SLT hulls. Goes in a straight line, in very nasty water. Bumpy ride.
    MSX. Probably last of the "small" three seaters. Hell, most would call it a one-seater these days. Great looking too!
    Octane. Just saw one take the 2nd fastest lap in the Hahn a few weeks ago. Very stable. Very fast.

    other hulls.
    STX-R, 15F hulls. Best handling, most copied hull on the planet.
    X-4 hulls. Best SMALL handling, most copied hull on the planet.
    GPR. Safest hull over 80mph hands down. possibly the only hull that can get to 100mph by mortals.
    Ultra250. Best rough water hull... ever.
    LRV and SUV... Best camping fishing largest monster hulls ever made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikel1 View Post
    It seem that Polaris hulls seem to be very well respected? Are they built better than others? Just curious. Whats your take?
    for a three seater hull, im well impressed with the msx hull.

    my friend had a yamaha fx 140 from new. it wasnt that fast, for 140hp. and it felt heavy, and handled like a canoe (my opinion) i like the way msx carves and it playful for a three seater

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    I have more comfort at the waves with Polaris

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    I know someone who worked at Polaris "top secret" R&D center in Palm City, FL years ago just before the 4 seat Genesis came out, and before the 4 Stroke models. They used to beat the crap out of their skis. On rough ocean days, when the sea poo guys were all doing circles around floating cones in the calm river, that's when Polaris tested their hulls in the rough ocean. They'd see who could catch the most air, and who could break an engine mount or crack the hull first. Then they always had corporate and the engineers scratching their heads wondering why the hulls were all cracking- and then corporate redesigned and added reinforcements to the hull. They'd send a "reinforced" hull down and have Baxter install the engine etc. into it and let them try to break it. If it didn't break, then Bill would start jumping this little sand bar that was near the inlet. He'd run full speed and hit this little tiny sand bar, get about 6 feet of air and maybe 15-20 feet distance before landing...I've seen the videos. If it didn't crack, they'd tell corporate it was good- but if it cracked they'd send corporate pictures and say they didn't know why it cracked.....funny stuff. I love inside stories like that. Also, Baxter had said they kind of copied the KAW 750 XI hull because it handled so well, and they reinforced the crap out of it, and made a few minor changes to make it a "Polaris" hull.

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