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    Last Weeks ride with stock ride plate back on for pro 785

    I took that goofy ride plate off, and put the stock ride plate back on, and centered the steering so the drop nozzle was straight,
    I left the highest domes in the ADA head and took the ski to the closest creek that I could find that I could ride in, about 2 miles away,
    The ski ran a whole lot better, it was hitting 7800 rpms in race trim and was a consistent 57 mph on the GPS,
    The main thing is it handled so much better than ever, it tracked straight, turned real sharp, stayed flat in the corners and the front didn't try and rise up when I came out of a corner and nailed it hard.
    Even in some pretty rough water it never had a problem holding its line in a sharp buoy turn, like the old hot seat sponsons did,
    I have a new piston coming for the Mag cylinder and new rings for the Center and PTO cylinder,
    Hopefully that will get my rpm's up,
    I still had the 10.5-16.5 prop on, I new if I put on the 10-17.5 that I would drop some rpm's
    More tuning to come when it warms back up, Jet Pilot sent me my new race john wetsuit so it won't be too bad,
    thanks again for everyone's help,
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    That goofy rideplate is really part of a rideplate/intake grate combo that works better as a pair. Also, you're pulling 7,800 and want to raise that number......what's your target RPM and MPH in race trim?

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    CrazyA is correct. That evolution marine ride plate will only work correctly with a evolution marine intake grate. The larger concern is why are you replacing only 1 piston and just the rings on the other two? Your RPM's seem ok for the average rider with the stock 12/17 prop. You should be in the 7900-7990 with a 10.5-16.5 prop setup. Are you still running those Red Top carbs? My recomendation is the following as this setup has worked for many years and provides great results for a stock / limited setup. If you have Jet Pro or Hot Seat pipes this setup changes.

    Semi Calm water setup
    R&D 650 Intake Grate (This does not have the bar going down the center) or Hot Seat Ride Plate.
    4 degree pump wedge

    Rough water setup
    Jet Dynamics Intake grate or Hot Seat Ride Plate.
    3 degree pump wedge

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    The mag piston is a 8-10 lbs less on compression with every head and dome combination, see below thread,
    there is a little detonation on that piston only, so I will change out the piston completley, and while I am in there I was going to put in new rings on the other 2,
    the compression number are a little down but rideable,
    See pictures of a little lean burn down on the mag,
    I altered the ride plate to try and make it work without the intake grate but no dice, (trying to work with what I have)
    I would like to get a little more rpm's for the start and back stretch, to pull away from the seadoos, I know that the low compression on the mag is not the compete problem but it isn't helping,
    The trim tabs and the beach house sponsons have made the buoy turns a whole lot smoother and less skipping, the R&D grate is working better than the Worx Grate,
    I have a complete new set of Wiesco pistons and rings but I will use those for a total rebuild down the road.
    any thoughts?
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